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bythugsb, May 12, 2011
Although Fabrik is clearly a powerful form builder, this component is poorly made and follows poor coding principles. It is overly complex and seems to have built in bug upon bug, with patches to fix things, but never code-overhauls to strip out the underlying problems.

It also has a lot of annoyances. It's CSS includes a plethora of !important declarations, making it extremely hard to override their CSS with your own (that's bad practice for something providing functionality, not design). It conflicts with numerous other plugins out there, including SeBlod and even Mootools updater. It adds style declarations in the body, making your code invalid. It only works with some WYSIWYG editors. It is just riddled with problems.

My advice would be to avoid this extension whenever possible, although it admittedly has some features no other extensions have. If you do use it, good luck sorting out the bugs!
Owner's reply

Hi, I can see your point with some of the css !import declarations, but beyond that I would have to disagree.

We make full use of Joomla's MVC, so I disagree with your statement we use 'poor coding principles'. If you'd like to suggest improvements in our code, feel free to contact us with any patches or suggestions.

I don't think throwing out all of the code and restarting would make for a bug free solution. The updates we make are for specific bugs, rarely but sometimes that produces other issues but for each release we do the potential bugs are dramatically reduced.

If you posted on the forum we would be happy to help you with any conflict you have with another program. Most of the time that is due to those plugins making improper use of JQuery or outputting comments inside our Ajax calls. I'm struggling to think of a time when we have been at fault with the way we are implementing things.

I've never heard of a report of an issue with Seblod (a quick google didn't find anything either)

Also it's incorrect that Fabrik doesn't work with Joomla's mootools system upgrade