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bythunderman, July 1, 2009
I am using Breezzing forms for only 2 days now and:

1. Markus was always there to support me, the support is excellent(one of the major reasons that i choose this or the other module). WELL DONE MARKUS! keep it this way and i would love to see more of your modules(which brings us to second bullet)

2. Breezzing forms are doing EXACTLY what they say: they work... :-) no fatal errors, no problems, no digging, etc.

3. Ok, you will need a couple of hours to get used to the -inspiring i would say- interface, but after that it's a BREEZZE!

4. Very important: the way they are built, you can have 100 languages and use the same form for every one! Nowadays, Translation is a must. Very good point Markus!

5.You can actually customise everything! A good point is the form mail sent out after submit. You just style it as you like and that's all!!!

6.It has a calendar date picker embeded. Which means that: i) you don't have to use a separate one and mess with the code, ii)it's very stylish

7.Now, instead of spending my time trying to make a module work, i use Breezzing Forms and i spend my time productively, customising it to my needs.

A lot there to know more, but, what'e heck, if we need everything on a platter, its better start writting poetry...

Many thanx, it's perfect for me.