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bytim92109, July 22, 2014
The newer versions of this extension require you to pay if you would like to have a normal WYSIWYG editor for your clients. If it's not for a client, but for you, that's fine. But a client would need to know html to be able to upload an image... which makes it useless for certain projects.
Owner's reply

JEvents uses the normal Joomla WYSIWYG Editors and which allow you to upload images to your event descriptions in exactly the same way as you upload images to your Joomla articles.

This is core functionality of the free version of JEvents and doesn't require any club memberships. Please follow up in the support forum at

bytim92109, May 24, 2014
Akeeba Backup
Simple review: It has the highest ratings, the most downloads, and simple to use.
bytim92109, July 24, 2013
Simple Pop-Up
Do not use this for Youtube popup unless you want to waste your time! There is no documentation at all on this feature. Nothing in their forum at all - except for the claim that it works for Youtube videos.
Owner's reply

I am sorry you couldn't get it working. I am always available for questions (or try to be as I am providing this extension for free and on my free time).

I guess you missed the manual that is available for download and you can also ask in the forum. There is also a working sample of a YouTube video on the "advanced" page (if one bother to look).

Next time take your time to find the manual and at least ask for help before posting a one star review!


bytim92109, July 24, 2013
Just want to let people know this is not a good plugin for Youtube videos. It might work fine for the videos in their demo (quicktime videos), but not Youtube. I'm rating them poorly for not mentioning this important fact about their plugin.
bytim92109, February 9, 2013
Phoca Gallery
This is one of the 'base' components I add to every fresh Joomla install. I use it for single images, image galleries, video galleries. Very easy to customize styles to match your site or need.
bytim92109, December 24, 2012
I used to love this editor. Mostly because it's very easy to use and customize for my clients. It seems recently, though, there have been some changes. The editor instantly strips your end of lines and spaces so it looks like crap once create nice-looking structured code and switch back and forth from the source to the WYSIWYG. Great for end-users, but not so great for developers. I don't know why they would ever do such a thing to an editor that used to be my favorite.
Owner's reply

Hi tim92109,
we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with CKEditor. From your description it is quite difficult to understand what could possibly have gone wrong, so it would be great if you could use the tracker (see to file a detailed bug report.
If you give us more details about your setup, explain the problem, and paste some code samples ("before" and "after" the change), our developers will be able to investigate. Without this information it really is difficult to find the reason for unexpected CKEditor behavior.

bytim92109, November 29, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
Does exactly what it is supposed to. Never ran into any bugs or problems with this module since Joomla 1.5. A rarity!
bytim92109, November 29, 2012
JCK Editor
This is by far my favorite editor to introduce to end users that will need a WYSIWYG editor on their site. I would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to turn it off when using it myself. I'm picky about my code. So when I'm using it in 'source mode' I don't like the html getting 'jammed all together' when I click save (it removes line breaks upon saving).
Owner's reply

Dear Tim, Thank you for the 4 stars. There is a setting called ‘Auto Format Source’. If you turn it on it will keep your line breaks upon saving. Hope that helps.

bytim92109, July 28, 2012
Art Image Cycle
Jquery conflicts are abundant. Found no solution. I hate to rate it poor, but it does not work for me and there's no way to 'not rate' it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment.

Please just disable jQuery load in module settings to avoid conflicts. Or just contact us by email: - and we will be happy to assist.