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bytimothy.stiffler, April 28, 2008
This has got to be one of the better components out there. After doing a quick fix of the latest package so that it would install correctly on my site, I got it working in absolutely no time at all. I now use it for everything, and I am extremely satisfied with what it is doing. Makes my life that much easier.

I'll definitely be using this on all of my clients websites as well. Great job!
bytimothy.stiffler, April 21, 2008
Having just installed this component I must say this is exactly what I've been looking for. I needed a simple to use and customizable extension to list all of my current client-projects, and couldn't find any that just did what it was supposed to do. After a few minutes of tinkering and trying to find the best view, I decided that this component was exactly what I needed.

Great job!
bytimothy.stiffler, December 6, 2007
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I am so happy with this component! Even though it's in an unstable release, it still does exactly what I want! I cannot wait till this is finished, because if it gets even beter, it will be perfect!