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bytimrichardson, January 19, 2013
If you read the reviews here, you'll conclude that sh404URL is a mature and technically strong extension. I've used on 1.5 and 2.5 sites: it works well, it's easy to use, powerful and it performs well. But it changes Joomla a bit and some people run into problems requiring support. I recently became one of these. First line support was fast in responding but we had difficulty mutually comunicating what the issue was. I was getting very frustrated, so I called. The phone was answered very quickly and with the help of customer service my issue was resolved & it was only a configuration problem.
I have to say that initially the support request was not handled well, but the effort to get on top of the problem via my escalation was extremely customer-centred. You can learn a lot about a team not by the mistakes they make, but how they deal with them. I continue to be a happy subscriber.
The module is simple but works well. I wanted to take it a bit further, and I sent two queries to Andrew to help me with my customisation. He almost immediately implemented my request in a much better way, which was not my request or expectation, so I was delighted. He's smart and helpful. Clearly a very strong Joomla & MooTools developer.
bytimrichardson, December 6, 2011
This is a good module, very useful. Surprised that it's not considered core Joomla functionality: it's one of the first modules I install.
bytimrichardson, October 3, 2011
Joes Word Cloud
This is a smart module. Joe's found a way to build a tag cloud without relying on tags, which means it's useful right away (well, a little tweaking to add words to the exclude list is needed, but it's much faster than tagging existing articles). Plus when I found a problem with the 1.5 module, he fixed it within a few hours. Appearance looks good out of the box, and is easily tweaked. A genuine five star module.
Maxi Menu CK
I like this extension. It's genuinely free, and the free version is full featured. You can pay a few Euros to get a really nice extension which integrates into the menu editor, but you don't have to. As a menu system, it looks nice, and it works well. What I liked was the support. I got very fast and accurate help: the author visited my staging site and did a Firebug inspection to point out my problem (which was not due to his extension). He did this even before I paid for the easy config option. The extension is not necessary, but it supports the developer and makes life easier. So a really great experience.
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Thank you, I'm happy to have helped you !