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bytimropa, May 16, 2010
RAXO All-mode PRO
We tried numerous other modules, but none were as flexible and efficient as RAXO.

We had one issue moving from our test to production environment that turned out to be a phpthumb issue with our directory name. (windows box / phpthumb doesn’t like directories with numbers in the name)

Support from RAXO, was extremely helpful and quick.

Some nice to have features such as having the character cut-off complete the word, or more options for what articles to display (such as related or most viewed) would be great, but from an ease of use perspective, you can't go wrong with this module, a must for any site displaying lots of content.

We've purchased dozens of extensions that we never use, but there are over 35 iterations of this module on our latest site. Well worth the money, to say the least.
Owner's reply

Be sure we'll remember your case for long ;)
We like how you use our module in your project. You understood the concept and potential, so you use it precisely the way (multipupose) that we're trying to show and explain to other users.
BTW to show "most viewed" choose "popular first" in the ordering.