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bytinny77, January 15, 2013
This extension is rock solid, fully customizable, easy to set up , right priced.
Without any doubt, among all extensions I installed over three years, this one is one of the best.
bytinny77, May 7, 2011
Facebook Slide Likebox
I was looking for a "floating" facebook like box, in order to avoid occupying more space with a module.
This one is excellent and installs in seconds. Better if you already own ad application API.
About the language, you need the PRO version in order to customize it. It's onli 5 euros.
bytinny77, November 12, 2010
what a great component.
had just a little issue after installation, cause i didn't chmodded properly the specified directories.
once done, it works like a charm. you can follow every visitor, look at his route, look at the referrer sites in real time.
fantastic component, I donated 9 euros after ten minutes I started using it. thank you guys
bytinny77, May 13, 2010
Auction Factory
unluckly there is no a large choice for auction components. this one is buggy, the assistance is not helpful and the updates are once in several months. I deactivated it because of its many bugs, it is not yet ready for starting an ebay-like site, if you wish to
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Although there is no much info on what exactly your issues were, we tried to improve the usability and functionality of our extension. Since you are using a 1.x version we strongly encourage you to upgrade it to the latest 2.x version since we feel that we added much more then look and feel to it. Also please check out the j1.6 version soon to be released.

Please free to use our forum and ticket system in order to give us feedback and to get help.

Thank you,
The Factory Team