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bytiolions, January 24, 2011
Our school district site ( utilizes JPhoto to display the different events going on at school. After the initial setup we used the HS-GDark javscript library plugin. Now when we upload our photos they're instantly visible on the desired pages. Thanks for the best photo extension out there!

During initial setup we had a problem with the php GD Library not being installed on our server. CorePHP was quick to notice this and help fix the problem. Their support has been really great.

we definitely recommend this product for your photo management needs.
bytiolions, January 19, 2011
I needed a better SEF tool than Joomla's built in SEF. I've also used JCal Pro, another product from anything-digital, and have found that JCal works as it's suppose to with sh404SEF installed. I had a couple of problems early on with configuration but found support to be amazing. Thanks a lot for the awesome help and extension.
bytiolions, January 19, 2011
JCal Pro
JCal Pro has become an important part of our district's school website. After some "get to know you" time, it's been a real pleasure to work with. The aesthetic appeal fit in nicely with our site and the functionality has proven very effective. It's really easy to use and any problems I've had in configuring, anything-digital's support/forums have gotten me through it.

I highly recommend this extension as the best event management tool out there. Thanks for the great tool!