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Email as Username
I have 2 websites running the email as username. I couldn't figure out why each time I install something the template override gets overridden each time you install a new extension. After many days of debugging, yes, organicdevelopment is absolutely right. And I must say that the cause is the system plugin. The issue has not been resolved in the latest version or in the last 13 months as claimed.
Owner's reply

I think theres some confusion here about what has been fixed. The issue where overrides where being loaded on page loads, has most certainly been fixed, and I apologise if I didnt make this clear in my original reply.
The issue of it reloading the template files when an extension is installed, is so that it can support new extensions as they are installed, without having to disable and re-enable the plugin.
The same applies if the sites default language is changed.
Its a shame I didnt receive a support request from you, and I would have happily helped with any problem you were experiencing.
Non the less, I will author a version (2.6.35), which disables the functionality you are seeing by default, and within your subscription period so that you can benefit from it.
If you have any questions, then please contact me either via our forum, or at, as you can see from our 46 other 5 star reviews, I will get back to you, and quickly.

bytiraporn, April 24, 2010
RAXO All-mode PRO
Super flexible, extensible and versatile. You no longer have to maintain a bunch of modules. Just extend this one to have more views.

Thank you.

Q: Will I be notified for future updates?
Owner's reply

Yes, we wanted to create a module that could be applied to numerous tasks, all-purpose module. And customers' feedback tells us that we succeeded.

Yes, all customers get our updates.