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bytithij, May 22, 2012
Very Simple Image Rotator
I really like this rotator. I think it would be greatly enhanced by using navigation buttons.
bytithij, July 29, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
Easy to install. Easy to use. The starter edition is perfect for my needs.

I am yet to ask a support question on the forum, but have found many answers there due to the well written and considered answers. The response time also seems to be very good.

You should use it.
bytithij, June 12, 2011
Does exactly what I wanted. Simple, easy to understand, just great.
bytithij, May 16, 2011
Easy to understand guidelines; appropriate options. I was not overwhelmed either with the grammar or the volume of options, and it suited my needs perfectly.

Thank you.
bytithij, March 24, 2011
Akeeba Backup
This is the first thing you should install. It makes a lot easier, more efficient, and simpler. I dig it.
bytithij, March 24, 2011
Admin Tools
Makes the administration of my site much easier, especially considering that some of it is beyond my understanding.
bytithij, August 1, 2010
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
A simple way to cross reference articles across sections and categories, and provide for different layout requirements.

Thank you.
bytithij, February 23, 2010
Global News
I really like this extension, it does just what I needed and is easy to use. The options give it quite a bit of flexibility.

But... some of them don't make sense - it may be a language thing, not sure - and this is mainly aimed at the 'Columns' parameter. I would like to show a 2 by 2 matrix of articles selected. Also, I can't find the d****ed CSS file - but that's really my fault...

Other than that, this is great.
bytithij, November 24, 2009
Images Crawler
I love this extension. It does just what I had hoped.

In developing my site, and the strange things I want it to do, I now need for images crawler to include the images in the subfolders as well!

I hope this will be possible one day.

Jim Bob