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bytjyoung, February 17, 2009
I didn't think I'd use this much of anything, till I started. Has been a lifesaver. Fabulous. I've been dropping in php script, javascript etc. into content items that otherwise would have been painful and they all just magically work.

God I wish I could write code like this...
bytjyoung, January 5, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I think its great, works well. If I could have anything though, it would be to be able to specify a different size map within the lightbox. If you map in your content is 300px wide and you open it in the lightbox, its still only 300px. So really there is no point in having the lightbox if its only the same size.

If you could have specified a larger size for the lightbox, then there would be an excellent reason to use it, otherwise...why?
Owner's reply

Tjyoung, version 2.10e delivers this wish!

bytjyoung, November 26, 2006
Only potential beef I have with this is you can't specify your video dimensions by passing parameters in the content window. Apparently you have to preset one video size and thats it.

Hopefully I missed something but thats what it looks like. You have to really fall in love with one video size for all your content.
bytjyoung, November 5, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
so far I'm loving these tabs. I'm on a mac and work perfectly fine in safari and firefox. Haven't checked on IE yet or a PC for that matter.

So for now...excellent