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bytlatham, October 9, 2012
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Event Booking
While this seems to work well for events, it's not great for ongoing classes (fitness, karate, school, etc.). The recurring feature is lacking in this area, as is the billing part for recurring classes. But for a concert, festival, etc. it would work much better. I bought and was unable to return it and it's unusable.
Owner's reply

Dear customers

I just want to clear some points which Tom reported here :

1. The extension does support on-going classes (events). You can create Daily, weekly, Monthly or Yearly recurring classes (events). However, each occurrence of this recurring event will be treated as a separate event and you will have to register for all of them manually (if you want). Tom is correct, no recurring billing feature is supported in Events Booking (and I believe none of available events registration extension can handle recurring billing).

2. To Tom (author of this review): Your requirement in this case is so special, none of our customers has asked for it before, so we haven't integrated it into the extension yet. You emailed us at 5:52am our time asking to return the product and I replied you at 8:54am asking for your Paypal account so that we can refund you the money of your purchase. It seems you haven't checked your email before submitting this review, so saying "was unable to return it and it's unusable" is incorrect in this case. Please do reply our email so that we can send you the refund !


Ossolution Team