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bytldes, April 15, 2013
Akeeba Backup
This is the one extension that I cannot go without and neither should you. I cannot believe how simple the Akeeba team has made the backup and restore process. I had been using Akeeba backup for years off and on depending on specific project needs and specs. I would just do a backup of the database in phpmyadmin when needed. Finally one day I had a website completely bomb. Luckily it was on a project that I already had a backup on and I had a restored website within minutes. I cannot tell you how grateful I was.

Since then, I have implemented Akeeba backup on all of my websites and I'm so glad I did. It's now my newest tool in migrating websites between servers and of course for those what used to be disastrous days. Thanks Nick, you guys are awesome!
bytldes, January 30, 2012
SP Upgrade
This extension, in my opinion can only be rated excellent. I migrated a Joomla 1.15 website to Joomla 1.73 in a matter of minutes. Initially, I had some issues but was able to email their support and received valuable feedback. One word of advice I will put out there to anyone using this extension is you may need to increase the php memory size since it is using a lot of resources to perform the upgrade. Well worth the money spent. Great job!