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I use it currently for a college campus ministry, and plan to use it for a youth ministry website I am doing for my church.

I did find one small bug that was big enough to throw off my entire website layout. Here's the fix:

In prayercenter.php on line 315 it should look like this:
echo '';

not like this:
echo '';

It's just missing one div tag. Very simple fix, but it was a pain for me to find:-).

Other than that, it's awesome. If you have a earlier version of PrayerCenter, make sure you download JoomlaXPlorer and edit the prayercenter.xml file and Delete lines 52-57:

DELETE FROM #__prayercenter
DROP TABLE #__prayercenter
DELETE FROM #__prayercenter_subscribe
DROP TABLE #__prayercenter_subscribe

I ended up uninstalling an early version of PrayerCenter and accidentally deleted all my past subscribers and prayer requests.