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bytmarshall, March 16, 2012
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Virtual Domains
My noted disappointments as of 3/16/2012, version 1.1-McCoy-r143...

- Wiki links:
-New Features (works)
-Requirements (works)
-Installation (works)
-Backend Manual (works but not a manual, it's an overview and all links to instructions are dead as well as the embedded screenshots)
-Quick'nDirty Example (dead)
-Restrictions (dead)
-Latest Version/Nightly Builds (dead)
-Update (dead)

- Forum:
-Loaded with spam with no apparent effort to reduce or purge
-Active in requests, not so much in response/resolution

- Component/Plugin:
-Installation - I can only assume the installation worked as expected as it did not present any errors.
-Setup - I can't get this far since there is no documentation on how to actually set this up to make it work and when I try to guess at what I need to do it fails with a non-informative message. Since support is only available via the forums (see note above) this is as far as I can get.
bytmarshall, January 22, 2011
Multi Sites
Few extensions I have used offer the kind of power I believe this one can. I can see it. I can read the docs and watch the tutorials and read through the forum and know that there's much it can do.

Having said that, I cannot experience that for myself. This extension requires much understanding that you should confirm you have prior to purchase. I suggest you spend time looking through the forums and reading docs.

I can definitely understand why this extension has no free trial. If it did, most would never result in purchase. I have worked for approximately 18 hours on this one extension and still no closer to making it work for me. The developer assumes a level of understanding in his responses that most people will not have.

The support is forum based only. In my several posts, no users have made an attempt at helping but the developer does respond typically within about 20 hours. Unfortunately, his responses are almost verbatim from the docs and/or point to said docs rather than offer a more simplistic explanation.

The warning I give is just that this is not an out-of-the-box extension. It will require a great deal of learning for most users.
bytmarshall, December 21, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
I have used J! for several years now on 100 hundred+ sites and hundreds of modules, extensions, etc. I can tell you that THIS has been the single best find of them all for me. I use it for every J! site I work on now.