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bytmc_webmaster, October 15, 2012
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This is a nice extension and I am pleased to offer the first review. The exntension does exactly what it is claimed to be able to do with ease and no fuss. As for support - the speed and ease in which Alan resolved a bug and re-released the extension is to be congratulated.
bytmc_webmaster, August 28, 2012
BreezingForms (Lite)
I have been utterly staggered at the power of this extension. There seems to be no limit to what can be achieved given patience and perseverance.

I have to agree with all previous positive feedback but more than that, I simply cannot find anything that I can't do with it.

bytmc_webmaster, August 3, 2012
This component has the best of both worlds – it is simple to install and configure yet very effective and nicely presented.
As soon as it is installed, you see a picture of what the front page will looks like. You link the component to a menu item and hey presto – it works! There are only two configuration areas, an admin interface and a configuration section where you can set the whole component up to suit your requirements.
Basically, it can be set for use with from one to any amount of categories and from one to any amount of countries. The nice thing is that you can customise one particular area, save it, test it and then go back in quickly and change or set up the next step.
All in all, a very useful, free component and highly recommended by me. The support is reasonable and friendly and I suspect the paid for version will offer even more and better facilities.
Well worth a go.
bytmc_webmaster, March 24, 2012
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I find this extension quite amazing! Considering it is free, the end result is very good and support is excellant.
The module is easy to use and configure and, as alwasy, it is better to use it in its default configuration before customising it. You can locate it where you like and I have not yet found anything to beat it - I use it on two sites.
Well done - you are just what the Joomla society needs.