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bytml68, May 25, 2012
Easy Embed Video
I have never had a plugin, module, or component be so easy to use! After a flawless installation and enabling the plugin, I copied a link to a vid on Youtube, pasted it into my article, refreshed, and there the player was! No shortcodes; heck no code at all. That will be so much easier to maintain after launch. A big thank you to the devs!!
bytml68, November 9, 2011
After a recommendation from a co-worker, I decided to try Xmap, despite the negative reviews.

I'm fairly new to web design, programming, and even newer to SEO and sitemaps. And I haven't worked with components much, which you'll see in a moment.

Installation was a breeze but not the setup. A list of steps would have been nice, along with a couple of screenshots. After figuring out to click 'New' in the component manager, I got the site map created, then the menu item (Xmap - XML sitemap type). I copied the URL for the menu item and entered that in the address bar and PRESTO! I had an HTML site map. Then I replaced 'html' in the URL with 'xml' and saw a screen I had no idea about. Right here a screenshot would have been nice. After googling it, I realized this strange screen was the XML sitemap. I copied that URL, submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools and it was accepted within an hour. Cool! Although this process took 2 hours, it worked.

I clicked on Documentation on the Joomla page, but didn't find answers to all my questions, and nothing was in a particular order. The developer's forum didn't look very well maintained by him. I saw no answers to questions there.