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bytnuttall44, September 16, 2009
Overall, SWMenu is a good tool. There are quite a few parameters to set up but once you do, the menu looks good.

The one failing (and also with extended menu) is that it only gives an option for Blog or table listings of all articles under a category in the Category description page. I may be thinking of this wrong as I am a Joomla newbie but I want a simple extended menu to display SECTION headings (and when the user clicks on that they see just the text in the SECTION DESCRIPTION) and similary for the CATEGORY's.
So instead of being able to click on a category sub menu item and seeing just a summary text, I get the summary text and either a Blog or Table entry of all the articles!!
It would be very nice if this feature was provided.
I tried using the SWmenufree forum and have had no reply.
Still a good menu despite it's limitations.