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bytobr, February 16, 2012
Unless you are a developer, I would not recommend this product for purchase. There is next to no useful documentation and no training. I contacted the company on several occasions will to purchase training or phone/Web consulting. They don't offer that. That means your left with the tremendously inefficient process of posting every question you have to their support forum.

The trouble with this process is that you post something, wait for an answer, try it. If if it doesn't work, post a response, ad nauseum. This model for supporting a product is exceptionally inefficient for the user. The user will spend a lot of his/her time.

On several occasions, alias settings and other parameters I didn't understand caused problems with the display of our website.

If you're a programmer with a great handle on Joomla and all its moving parts, you'll probably have no problem with this extension.

If you're a marketing or communications person just trying to modify page titles, descriptions, etc. for the purpose of improve search engine optimization, you'll struggle with this application.

The good's only $39.
Owner's reply


From your review, I can't understand why you're saying one need to be a programmer to use sh404SEF. sh404SEF is a Joomla! extension: you click on options and settings to make it work, programming is of course never required.
As for the settings and data entry, they are all SEO related, and almost zero relates to the way Joomla! operates.
You may have miss the online manual (/sh404sef/user-manual.html) and also the extensive tooltips next to each option, including Aliases.

It seems to me your biggest gripes has to do with us using a forum to handle support requests. I can understand you'd prefer sometimes talk directly to someone, but if you quickly browse through the last 10 or 20 reviews below, you'll find that the largest majority of users actually find a forum, and most importantly the way our team operate the forum, not only good but a major "selling" point for sh404SEF

Thanks and best regards