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bytock333, May 30, 2011
Simple File Upload
Simple File Upload does exactly what it says!
Even if you have very little joomla experience you will be able to have your website visitors uploading files to your sever in no time.

It integrates perfectly with Simple File Lister to automatically add the newly uploaded files the list as well.

It also offers you decent security by allowing you to restrict and exclude the file types that can be uploaded, captcha to prevent bot exploitation, and notification emails so you will quickly be able to recognize if someone is abusing the feature.

For me, the combination of the two modules works perfectly as a way for the teachers who visit my page to upload and exchange classroom handouts and create an ever growing online repository.

Not to mention support seems to be very quick, with Anders even mailing me a build of the module that will not be released until later this week!

I can highly recommend it.

Thanks Anders!