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bytomasin, April 8, 2007
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
This would be a relatively good product. Unfortunately the way its licensed can cause problems. I have had to reinstall it several times when it just stops working and this seems to be related to the encryption used in generating the cron job php file. Every time you need you add a sub-domain you have to go online to Joomlaplug and generate a new code, what a real pain this is! Beware also that if you choose to purchase the product with only the 1 year support this is essentially a subscription service. When it expires, you won't be able to generate any new codes for your sites or sub-domains unless you cough more dollars! I'll be looking for a good cron script to use after my subscription expires. This is a good product that is let down by the poor way its licensed which makes it difficult to use and maintain.
Owner's reply

To bring some clarifications to our clients review:
1. after purchasing JoomlaCloner you will be allowed to add any number of sites(sites that you own as specified in the License Agreement) in your Profile area, and for that you will be generated a license code to use with JoomlaCloner for unlimited period of time
2. if the user purchases a limited license like 1, 2 years ones, after the period expires they can still use JoomlaCloner on the registered websites however they won't be allowed to add more websites(in their Profile area from our site) and so generate new licenses, this is considered an upgrade and will need to comply with the License Agreement