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bytomey, March 4, 2014
FJ Related Articles Plus
I'm really pleased with this module. I run a news-website and being able to show related articles is key to get more hits overall.

In comparison to Joomla's own "Similar Tags"-Module this one is much more adjustable to individual needs. If you're working with tags on your website, this module is perfect for it.

Furthermore, I can say that the support in their own forum is superbe. Within a couple of hours i received an answer to my problem which was fixed right away in a new version of FJ Related Articles.

I can only recommend this module. Thanks to the developers for providing this module for free! Great job!
bytomey, July 22, 2013
CComment Core
This comment component is really good: Installation is easy, setting it up is easy and you can adjust its look easily via css. The integration of a Captcha is absolutely salient nowadays and it works fine in every browser. Moreover, the comment is shown rightaway, when I hit enter... but: if I go to another site in my homepage and return to the one in which I made the comment it is not there anymore - only by reloading the page via F5 it appears again. Why's that?

Another point is that the Captcha-image of the free version does not work in mobile-browsers (neither in the standard browser of my galaxy s3 nor in google chrome for android). It only shows an empty field with a question mark in it. If that would work too (or maybe there is a way which i haven't discovered yet..) then i'd totally rate it with 5 stars.

But all in all for the use in desktop browsers: really, really great!
bytomey, July 19, 2013
This extension is really easy to use and it works properly and without problems.

The only thing that bothered me as a German-speaking guy is that words with charachters in it such as ä, ö, ü or é, è, ë do not get linked in the articles.

I would give it 5 stars if the developers would include those kind of characters as well.

Great extension!
Owner's reply

Use UTF-8 encoding on site!