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bytomgraham, July 11, 2010
EZ Realty
I really cannot praise this application enough. It does what you want it to do and it does it well, and even more important it does it reliably. If you can't get a serious Real Estate site running with EZ Realty then you're not trying. And I've refrained from praise for the developer because superlatives only just fit the bill.
bytomgraham, August 28, 2009
Core Design Login As
Installed and activated this Plug-in and it added a professional looking icon to the User Manager. However attempts to log in as another user simply produced and undefined error, i.e. "Error !" and no explanation as to the nature of the error.
On checking my Plug-ins (with the intention of uninstalling) I find there have been 4 Authentication Plug-ins created which when I try to uninstall them, produce the error message "Plugin Uninstall: Manifest File invalid or not found." This will become an irritation as I like a tidy admin.
To sum up. A nice idea but not yet ready for distribution.