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bytomjoenes, October 14, 2010
It took me a month to figure out why Google Analytics results differ from j4age.
IPv6 are not counted correctly and there is any note about it.
Owner's reply


that's the thing about notes. You can't expect from us to provide you notes about issues, which were never reported to us.

I never saw one mail coming in, that reported issues regarding IPv6. You are actually the first one, who reported at all issues with totally incorrect records. You are very welcome to use the contact form on our webpage to provide us details about the issues, we normally respond within 24 hours.

We depend on your feedback and details for your issue to be able improve our application.

That's an open source project and it is for free. We know it is not perfect, but we constantly try improve the application in this direction.

Furthermore, it is not so easy to interpret the received data correctly especially the recognition of revisiting visitors - sounds easy, but it isn't. Be informed that Google Analytics and j4age is using different algorithms to evaluate the data, were producing similar results but not exactly 100% the same. Different to GS we as example try to identify bots, which try to be anonymous.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to here from you to review your ipv6 issue.