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bytommytoxen, October 17, 2012
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This product is AMAZING; and fantastic value for the price, too. They even offer a free trial and free customer support.

It's relatively easy to use for the average user, it fits into your web page nicely, it has 2 player games, cam chat, text chat, instant messenger list

I've been blown away.

I had a bit of trouble getting it to accept COmmunity Builder avatars, but after an e-mail to the developer, he spent hours playing about with the code until he cracked it for me - fantastic service. I'm definitely buying after the free trial is over and Robert's found a long time customer.

There are a few suggestions/requests I'd like to make.

Monetization - in the 'full screen' chat it'd be nice to have somewhere for us to put banner advertisements.

Easier modding - It's a bit 'clunky' and 'slow' having to go to the mod panel, type in a username, then click boot/ban. By time you do all that they'd have already been in, scrolled/spammed/abused and logged back out to login again as another username. It'd be ideal so admins could click on a username in the room and click ban.

Invite - It'd also be great for those in chat rooms could click on someone on their friends list/IM list and click "invite to room" so the user gets invited to the room.

IM Windows - once your chat gets busy it's going to be hectic mayhem getting all the PM's and trying to PM everyone back on the same single IM window, be great if in a future release you could have different IM windows for different people.

These are just suggestions to make it that little bit more user-friendly and perfect, but even without these features.. this is possibly the best, value-for-money & easily integrated with Joomla chat solutions I've come across.

Just do the maths. FCChat A/V 20 users = approx £1 a month.

My current chat solution ChatBlazer A/V 20 users = £200 a month.

No brainer!

Thank you FCChat, now I can provide my users with a fantastic chat solution and make a profit without going broke trying to pay stupidly high monthly bills!
bytommytoxen, September 27, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
Now I'll be honest, I haven't used or even tried any of the other free subs extension so I can't or won't try to compare as that wouldn't fair.

But what I will say is it's because of Akeeba Subs that I haven't needed to try any others! It has everything you'll ever need and so much more. Akeeba is a brand I trust and that's why I went for Akeeba Subs first instead of any other subs extensions - Akeeba backup, admin tools etc are essential components of my site and I don't know what I would do without them so I was happy to add Akeebasubs to my Akeeba collection.

It's so unbelievably powerful one can hardly believe it's free. I don't understand why some want to go paying for subs extensions - I have read the features and descriptions of other subs extensions including the commercial ones and Akeebasubs seems to have more than any of them.

When you first install it's a bit daunting, but if you read the manual properly it is very easy to use.

Setup your subscription plan. Setup a Joomla usergroup to match your subscription plan. If you want people to pay to have banners removed from your site, simply put your Google adsense etc code within {Akeebasubs !subscription} tags {/akeebasubs} and boom anybody who is a subscriber won't see your ads. It really is THAT simple.

This works for any other content, premium pages, download links - anything you like.

You can integrate it with Acymail so your subscribers get a VIP newsletter, you can integrate it with Kunena - the sky really is the limit.

Simple, powerful, quick and effective.

The developer is always releasing updates regularly, answers to e-mails very fast and responsive and is understanding and fair, unlike most developers you can actually talk to this one and work things out which is a fantastic bonus. You know you have an extension where there's someone a part of it who is approachable if you have any problems.

Now I'm going to go monetize my site more and use the powerful Akeebasubs permissions to give my subscribers more fun, interactive premium features.
bytommytoxen, July 15, 2012
'Very poor' may seem harsh, but K2 misleadingly advertises as 'integration available with Community Builder'.

This is incorrect. You'll soon find that if you try to add a menu link to "create item" you'll get a 403 page, this is because K2 needs you to register/login as a K2 user.

It'll integrate as far as having your username on a K2 article point to your CB profile, but CB users cannot create or edit articles because there's no way for K2 to automatically add new users registered through CB to the K2 usergroups.

A huge disappointment indeed.
Owner's reply

Yes there is, you just haven't configured this properly. We've even gone one step further and automated the process even for sites that previously didn't use K2. Have a look at the K2 main configuration options and you'll see one that allows you to assign any new or orphan user to a specified K2 group. Have you set this up correctly?

If you do that, K2 and CB will work just fine together. If it didn't work, that because you "may" have deleted all K2 groups or didn't assign new/orphan Joomla users to the right (in terms of permissions) K2 group...

bytommytoxen, June 13, 2012
This is a great extention! Works just how it says.

The only problem is, the additional plugins don't work.

For example, the 'top posers' and 'most recent comments' modules don't link to the user's profile.

I had a search of their forum, and there is a hack to make it link to profiles yourself except... you need jcomments avatar plugin, which doesn't work on Joomla 2.5 so if you want to show top posters/recent comments don't use this extention.

If you don't really need that function though, then this is the extention to go with for definite!
Owner's reply

The JComments Avatar plugin for Joomla 2.5 has been released! Sorry for such long delay with release... New version of plugin supports update feature so since this version you will be notified by Joomla Extension Manager when new version will be released.

bytommytoxen, November 29, 2009
Although the idea of Jbolo its self is fantastic, and well done to its developers - but it has gone out with very little thought about the future.

When the instant messaging module is on the side of your Joomla page and there's 3 or 4 people logged in that is in your connections.. that's fine. It's great. It looks neat, you click on their name and chat.

...But what if you have a big site, like myself, where people have 20-30+ friends in their connections? Jbolo then stretches the page downwards displaying every single friend who is online, rather than showing maybe 5-6 and then minimizing the rest of the module.

The alternative of course is to buy JBolo with the new "FB-style bar"... but people want to come to your site because it's your site. If they wanted to chat on Facebook they'd go to Facebook.

The FB bar doesn't work, anyway. It simply shows a little tab saying "chat".. it doesn't say how many people are online.

If you want a Joomla instant messenger with a bar at the bottom that feels less FB-Cloney and shows how many of your friends are online in the actual tab, go for 123webmessenger.

I give 10/10 for JBolo its self, the idea that is. But 1/10 for forward thinking.

Somebody didn't use their brain and didn't stop for a second to say "hang on, what if there's 20/30 people online? It's going to display a big list of users down the side". Because of this reason I've had to disable the module and tomorrow will be cancelling my subscription.
Owner's reply

Hello Tommy,

If you would just add a ticket to our support system, we can easily fix this issue for you. In fact, a 'scroll' option is already in the SVN & will be out in the next release.
Your inputs are always welcome & will help us in improving the extension !

Regarding the FB Bar version. Thanks for the 'No Online' Input. We will incorporate it in the upcoming version.