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bytompouce411, October 27, 2011
just another "good looking extension ! the idea itself is good, the features just don't fit the really. No extra field can be used to filter content, unless you pay for it, and the result is not that good. Extra fields types cannot be edited, enhanced. You can't even cross categories, make sub-categories or add level inside an article. Stucked again, just like Joomla basic's article management. K2 IS NOT CSS compliant and goes way back in history in term of standards. Well, it's free ? ok. Should I write a review that says "great job" ? No because I won't help users who see's everywhere the great marketing adds, the good looking site. Oh and if you planned to ask question to support : make yourself to the idea that you be a master in everything. Answers will come with a very few explanation. So long K2. Do you you promised, or just go away !
Owner's reply

I really wonder... Did you even install K2? Cause if you did, you'd certainly see (to be more precise, it would poke your eye out) that K2 features NESTED level categories. So your claim that you cannot make sub-categories is utterly false.

So are your other claims that extra fields cannot be edited, K2 is not CSS compliant and other crappy comments.

Jeeez, how do such reviews pass on from JED control?