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bytomsel, March 10, 2013
I've used this extension on a number of projects.

I've also used some competing commercial extensions and have found Ohanah to be much more user-friendly than all of them, something often missed in otherwise powerful extensions.

Overall it's been great, and the very few hiccups I've encountered along the way have been dealt with promptly by their support staff.

No complaints and if you're looking for an events management extension, I'd strongly encourage trying Ohanah.
bytomsel, December 16, 2012
BT Portfolio
I bought this extension and wasn't expecting much, due it it being a bit of an unknown extension.

In short, I've been hugely impressed by it! Everything just 'works', the bundled themes look great and are easy to restyle... Hard to fault it really.

If I could find any criticism it would be that it would be nice to be able to choose different sized images / crop rules on a per-portfolio basis. That's not a deal breaker though and a pretty minor point in the grand scheme of things...

So, anyway, thanks!
bytomsel, November 5, 2011
Functionality wise I find it hard to fault it. There's a few simple things I think it's missing (such as the ability to link to an external icon, adding a photo gallery to an event without using Flickr, for example), but on the whole it pretty much does what you'd expect.

Where I found it disappointing was in the front end layout. It uses layout-breaking tables for front end submission, with a huge number of poorly organised fields that to a non-technical end user looks very daunting.

Thankfully, it supports template overrides, so I was able to customise both the front end display and front end submission forms to use CSS based layouts and generally look a lot more user-friendly, without core hacks, in no time at all. It makes me wonder why this wasn't included in the first place?

For me this wasn't a huge issue, however without any technical knowledge I would have found the component useless because of these simple layout issues.

On a free component, this would be fine. On one that costs ~£40, I don't think it quite cuts it when there are other components in this price bracket that offer a much better experience on the whole.

Overall, still a good component, but let down by the simple stuff.
bytomsel, November 4, 2011
This is the first time I've been impressed enough by a component to be compelled to write a review for it.

I wish every commercial extension could be this slick. The few minor issues I have had (almost all caused by myself) were solved by the support staff who replied very quickly.

Honestly can't fault the component, the support, anything. Fantastic.