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bytomstachura, August 15, 2011
PayPal IPN for DOCman
I still need to figure out how to optimize the layout a bit, but the comoponent was easy to set up, intuitive to configure and use, and it has the features I need (per-user authorization for example).
Payment and delivery was efficient as well - got the download account right away.
bytomstachura, August 15, 2011
Installed the component and I can see the control panel but only with the documents and upgrade icons - all other featurs are missing (unless this has gone almost completely commercial - the only other icon is "Upgrade").
No place to assign user permissions to files.
Forces the documents folder to be in public_html - totally exposed - ignores my setting to go to another folder.
Owner's reply

I guess you should not judge the component just by number of icons. :-) Have you ever heared about that there is a beauty in simplicity.
The new JoomDOC has almost all functions as the old had, plus it has some extra ones. However it is all available from a single interface.
The root for documents storage can be of course changed outside Joomla root. (the one in Joomla root created by default is protected by .htaccess file)

bytomstachura, May 29, 2011
JCH Optimize
I think the idea is great, but when I installed my js image slider stopped working. When I disabled js optimization, my forms page was still messed up (visually), so I started disabling one option after another. The form starting working only after I disabled the plug-in.