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bytomt, June 20, 2014
I've used the JCE editor on all my sites since it exists. And sometimes I also used Mediabox. Now I tried many lightbox extensions and come to the conclusion that Mediabox is the best.
bytomt, February 18, 2014
SP Transfer
I had a 2.5.18 site which was originally made in 1.5.x and upgraded to 1.6, 1.7, 2.5. And now I wanted to upgrade to 3.2 and that was not possible anymore. I spent many hours on many errors. And than I installed a fresh 3.2.2 and installed SP Transfer in it. It imported all data from the original database and and now I have a working 3.2.2 site. Great.
bytomt, July 22, 2013
Opening Hours PRO
I contacted Jeroen because I wanted an extra function: showing only today's opening hours. And within a few days it was an extra feature!
bytomt, October 25, 2012
SP Upgrade
Like others wrote: this is a bargain. I had some issues which were server-related. The support was great and the 2.5 site runs fine.
I wish I had found this component before, it is much better than the free jupgrade.
bytomt, August 16, 2011
I want a span in my menu-titles, to have a second line of text. With RokCandy this is easy to do.
bytomt, July 11, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
Wow, that was easy :). I installed the component on my J! 1.7 site, created a custom 404 page and that's it. I tested some Google results which still referred to the former J! 1.0 version and some non-existing pages and all worked fine.
bytomt, January 11, 2011
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AcyMailing Starter
Allthough it has a good feature set, Acymailing is easy to manage. I especially like the template system, which makes it easy for me as a designer to create a template and also for the authors to add the content to a newsletter.
It's also easy to use on a multilingual site. And my experience with the support forum are as good as many of the earlier reviewers expressed.
bytomt, July 13, 2010
Phoca Guestbook
There are still developers that don't understand design should be in CSS files, not in html or php. This guestbook takes much time to adjust to a design which is unnecessary if coded properly.
Owner's reply

:-( There are still users that don't understand that the design is set in Parameters and because of it it cannot be included in static CSS file.

This guestbook is designed primarily for users who do not know programming or coding or for users who have no time to find and replace code. It is designed for users who want to set the design in parameters easily.

Such parameters cannot be included in static CSS file, they need to be included in dynamic php (html) file.

Phoca Guestbook includes CSS file, but design parts which can be set in paramters are of course included in php file which can work dynamically with the parameters.

So please, try to find some information about CSS and you will know it is static and cannot include parameters (of course there is a way making CSS as php but this is more complicated than adding inline styles into php (html))

When I don't see the problem comprehensively, than I cannot say, someone does not understand :-( :-( :-)

Thank you for understanding.

KC Cufón Font Replacement
Cufón is faster than sIFR. I needed a fast solution for a page with many headings and than sIFR is not an option. This plugin makes using Cufón fonts very easy.
bytomt, February 24, 2010
Most of it's features ought to be in Joomla!. Especially the Content Types. This is essential for any CMS.
With the content types the end users can easily add all types of content, while FLEXIcontent and CSS take care for the positioning. That is what end-users expect from a CMS.
And it's got versioning to!
There are two reasons I doubted about giving 5 stars: there is to few documentation, but it's still a young project. And second: it shouldn't be a component but Joomla! core :). I hope the developers get an invitation very soon to add their code to Joomla! 1.7.
bytomt, January 22, 2010
Simple Picture Slideshow
Or should i say too simple? The lay-out should of course be done in a css file, not in the php. If you want to offer lay-out parameters you should at least offer background-color: transparent and align: default etc. And inline styles should never be used in an extension.
Owner's reply

Hi tomt!

Just a quick look into the extensions package or the source of the page and you see - there is indeed a css file (besps.css). And the best, it is loaded after the inline styles which allows to customize every single aspect of the layout to fit your needs.

This plugin makes use of both, the power of the Joomla! framework wich allows comfortable server side parameter driven styles plus the ability to override these setting from within a static stylesheet.

Inline styles should never be used in an extension? I do - and I like the results.

Best regards
Andreas Berger

bytomt, July 1, 2008
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I needed an order form with radiobuttons beneath images. With Chronoforms I can make any form I want in a html editor and just by pasting the html into the formcreator get it working in my site. Absolutely great. Thanks!
For it's functions Civicrm is a very useful extension for non-profit organizations. Like many wrote before: it's not well enough developed as a Joomla component. You can't make it work without the help of your hosting provider. You'll probably need their help while installing but also for example if you want to use the mailing system.
Civicrm is bigger than Joomla and is far more difficult to configure. Unlike Joomla you need IT professionals to get it working.
bytomt, August 29, 2007
The editor is very practical because of the admin component: for each site I can easy choose which options are available to the users.
The plugins are great, it's so very easy too insert all kinds of content: images, movies, pdf, links etc.

The only minor point is that the developer works so hard :).There are many upgrades which aren't always properly tested. But his support is very good.

JCE runs on all my joomla! sites.
bytomt, April 23, 2007
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AJAX Shoutbox
Yes, the options in the admin are very limited, but this is compensated by the clearly commented css file. It's simple and I love it :).
bytomt, February 28, 2007
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Community Builder
Registration extended ought to be the name of this component or login extended. The only usefull function is adding extra fields in the registration form. But these fields don't show in the userlist!? The usermanagement functions are zero.
I can't organise my users into interest groups, can't sort them out.
bytomt, April 15, 2006
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Mosets Tree
This was one of the first really professional components I installed in the Mambo days. It is a very good directory and the support is also good. I use it on and will certainly use it again when I need a directory.
bytomt, March 6, 2006
This module is for me an essential Joomla add-on. I install it on all the sites i create. It takes some effort to learn it, but once you understand the structure you can do allmost anything with it. And Daniel, the developer, gives great support.