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Smart Slider 2
After reading positive comments posted here by others, I thought I would head off to the developers site and have a look.

Level of detail provided on the site encouraged me to buy a lifetime edition purchase. Was tossing up between 6 mths developers edition or lifetime. Since the price difference wasn't too much different (thanks to the developers for great pricing/subscription model options), I thought I would just jump in and see.

After installing it into a customers site, all i can say is "WOW!". This is simply one of the best extensions, if not THE best for ease of install, use and thoughtful functionality that I've ever installed/used and I've been using Joomla since Mambo 1.x days! If more developers provided the attention to detail I've seen in this extension, Joomla would a much more positive experience for users that test and use extensions!

There are so many options, which as I mentioned above are well thought out, that you can provide pretty much any visual layout that you can imagine. The backend is rock solid, which basically means I haven't been able to break it with all the wacky changes that client and I have wanted to do, which attests to the quality of the extension. And the video tutorials are fantastic and step you through easily and clearly on features that you'd want to implement.

Even the responsive layouts and touch enabled mobile experience is fast and clean. The output code is lean and valid and Google seems to have no problems with indexing text layers within slides - impressive!.

As to productivity, I recreated a setup that took me 2 hours previously to setup and deploy - with this extension I recreated it, made it better and had it live within 15mins! Can you imagine the time savings that you could get with using such a modern extension such as this?

I'm not normally one to write reviews on extensions, but this extension is one of the best that I've come across. I'm so happy with it, that I'm in the process of throwing out other image galleries and replacing it with this, wholly and solely!

To the developers, I just wanted to make out a public shoutout to acknowledge what a wonderful job you guys did on this and to encourage others to simply jump in and go for the lifetime edition. It will be the best decision you'll ever make for your Joomla powered sites. The developers will thank you for it and it will help them financially to improve upon it. You'll all thank yourselves with the time savings that you get and your customers will love you for it as well! :)
bytomwebbnz, February 21, 2013
jQuery Easy
Was impressed with concept of pre-loading standard jQuery libraries - as that is a time saver for loading times and reduces errors. More impressed once tried the extension. Then even more impressed again after purchasing plugin (which is well worth it by the way) which gave me access to outstanding developer guides etc. Worth every cent to support such a great extension.
Owner's reply

thank you for the review, but I am not sure I deserve it as it seems it was not intended for this plugin (it is free and there is no purchase necessary)... :-)

bytomwebbnz, March 7, 2012
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The easy of use of this extension belies it's power. This extension is a must for any Joomla site that wants to step up to the next level!

This extension just allowed me to add the coolest 3rd party charting components into one of my projects. I had owner driver troubles making this work, but the quick and rapid response from Peter the developer in the support forums is miles ahead of any paid component I've experienced to date.

Easy to install and use, with powerful debug options for trouble-shooting your 3rd party integrations and intuitive interface make this one to add as a standard on any Joomla powered site! Other developers could well learn a thing or three from Peter and his wonderful work.

I have been using Joomla since day one (actually back to the days of Mambo beta) and I have to say that this plugin saved me days of hacking code, as it did the heavy lifting in terms of integrating third party java framework into Joomla.

Although this component is free to use and FULLY functional "freeware", I'm personally going to purchase a license from Peter to support his ongoing efforts to provide outstanding support and extensions to our community! I suggest that if you see the same power that this component can add to your site or a client's, you should also support Peter by buying a support license.
bytomwebbnz, August 17, 2009
Was looking for simple way of redirecting URLs from one customers site to other external sites. Tested many components and this is simply the easiest, cleanest, best manageable tool to do exactly that! Highly, highly recommend it if you need to set-up easily redirect from your internal URL such as http://mysite/linkpage/ to http://redirectedsite/landingpage. Works a treat and simple but powerful management back-end.

One little tip - you can use /partofURL* to ensure that anyone going entering matching that wildcard "*" such as /partofURLpage1 or /partofURLpage2 etc can be redirected on mass to a new landing page.

Would be useful to those who want to redirect whole sections of their old site to new landing page. Couple of ideas like redirection of old shop links, blog pages etc.