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bytonyworship, December 27, 2013
Floaty Social
Works great in my j3.1.5 website! Also, it is easy to manipulate if you should need to add socials to the mix
Good job!
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We're just releasing a new version shortly which adds support for other social networks, and in future we plan to increase the networks that are supported!

bytonyworship, September 20, 2013
What a simple to use plugin for my clients website! The guys at j2store "Ramesh the developer" Is extremely hands on and fast to help you! I wish all developers had this service for their extensions.
bytonyworship, March 22, 2013
Custom CSS
Picture this... you load in your website template and make all kinds of custom css changes on it only to have them erased once you do a template update... not anymore!

This simple little module allows you to insert the css right in the module and assign it to a page and position, thus modifying any page you want for the lift of the site, regardless of updates etc.. and it's FREE

Thanks for your contribution to the joomla community!
bytonyworship, December 13, 2012
Inceptive Image Gallery for K2
This component has many uses. I used it for a real estate website. to showcase recently sold homes etc..

There was a little hick-up so i emailed the extension makers and they responded quickly!

Knowing they are on top of their stuff I could recommend purchasing many of their products.

Top notch plugin and top notch support! keep up the good work.
bytonyworship, October 26, 2012
Login Assistant
Great Little Extension!!! I created a maintenance site for my clients and I wanted my clients to be able to login and view site maintenance hours user specific.

So I create a new client page and use this little Component to create a custom URL from a menu link with a username and password.

Once i grab the custom URL, I then go to my clients site and create a link called "VIEW MAINTENANCE" once they click it, they are now lead to my site - they input their username and password and BAM! they see their own maintenance page etc...

Perfect solution for my situation.
Thank you very much developer for this free extension!
bytonyworship, June 9, 2011
This is Perfect for my Website! There really is nothing like this for joomla. Not with all the options this has. It has soooo many features, I can make it do just about anything!
Not to mention the prompt unmatched service! I have never had service like this from any module i have downloaded. He took the time needed to get this thing running the way i wanted! Thank you

Blessings be upon you and your great company.
BlastChat for the win.
bytonyworship, May 14, 2011
Bands in JomLand
This man was very fast at getting back to me. 5 stars. Walked me through it and got it workin for me. Perfection. Thanks buddy!