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bytopknotch, May 24, 2014
Ok this is a free extension but it is very bad indeed.
Version for joomla 2.5
1. The support forum is dead.
2. DPE module cannot be changed for countries.
3. The bedrooms in list all properties show as room numbers and not bedrooms as the image shows.
4.Zip code in search only allows full code and not small areas ie a UK based code starting with NR10 will not show results as you have to put the entire code in - NR10 5SQ
5.The advanced budget bar slider dose not work as shows both ends as 0
6.The department is absolutely rubbish and has to be removed as it makes peoples search more complicated.
7.The layout of the search is wrong as why would search by title or reference number be at the top?
There are soooo many more I could mention , but just be very careful if you get this module as you will need some PHP skills to fix all the problems that exist and believe me there are loads!!!
Be careful!!!
bytopknotch, December 30, 2013
Avatar Slider Skitter
This one of the best slideshows we have used, it looks very nice and we did have abit of a problem but that was rectified very quickly with the support of the team. Great A++++
bytopknotch, August 27, 2013
BIT Manufacturer Links for Virtuemart
easy to install and works a treat! great extension
bytopknotch, August 27, 2013
BIT Virtuemart Product Badges
Great extension looks great , I had a problem with it as I was not using the default virtuemart product extension. The support team went out of their way to solve this quickly and efficiently . SUPERB!
bytopknotch, December 17, 2012
WebSite Tour Guide
Does exactly as described and more ! great product
bytopknotch, November 26, 2012
Facebook Wall Feeds
Had a few problems with this extention but after a very quick chat with them via Skype they soon sorted it . Great Moudule
bytopknotch, December 7, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
Great mod , unbeatable support , definately the best support out there and mod :)