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bytotallnet, May 6, 2014
Linky Map
Very usefull extension... but support was fantastic..
bytotallnet, May 6, 2014
My Maps location
Great extension.. very usefull ... but support is fantastic...
bytotallnet, October 8, 2013
J!Boleto Weber TI
JBoleto is the best payment solution for brazilian market.
The difference between joomlas developers is the support, and Weber is great.
Always have one solution for our issues.
Thanks for this extension...
n3t Coming Soon
This extension is all we developers needed.
Building online for the client to follow the evolution of the project, but without having access to the admin backend.
Simple as that ..
It should be a standard feature of Joomla
I suggested to Pavel implementation of this Newsletter ... and quickly he was able to finalize this integration ... perfect ...
bytotallnet, November 18, 2011
Extensions in JED we find many, many good extensions but excellent extensions with few formidable support.
Very few developers care about their customers.
The Crosstec is one of the few companies that make our work forward with credibility, reliability and innovation.
I am very grateful to Markus and Terry for the tireless search for a solution to my problems.
Late nights and early mornings in a battle to solve the best solution for my needs of my project.
"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." (Red Adair)

Crosstec team are professionals ...
bytotallnet, September 13, 2011
Not just a CCK ... is a Swiss Army knife, full of opportunities and facilities ..

And to complete .. support is courteous and professional

Thanks for the extension
bytotallnet, May 23, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
The best search engine in Joomla's World..
Fantastic suport complete these extension..

These search component needs to be a default Joomla's search engine....