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bytotamus, February 15, 2014
I have used JFBConnect for several years on many sites. Without a doubt, it is the best way to integrate social media into a Joomla site.

The documentation is good, the code bulletproof, and results excellent.

Additionally, the support is top notch. You will not likely need support. I asked for support because of problems with other extensions. The normal answer is "not our problem". SourceCoast helped me identify where the issues were so that I could correct them.

Don't waste your time with other extensions - this one is the real deal!
bytotamus, February 12, 2013
AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit
The support team at AVchat is top notch. They are also very quick. It took no time at all to reach someone and get all issues straightened out. Very powerful software and very good service!
bytotamus, September 1, 2011
Multi Sites
First, let me say that this "extension" does what it claims. With a little more research on my part I might have realized that this is ahack of the core -_ something I avoid for many good reasons. it also does not do what I was wanting it to do. I wanted to syncronize some of the content tables between different separate joomla installations.

After a short review of the website, I had thought that by making the sites I wanted to share data on a master and slave, that I could then sync data.

That is not the case. You can indeed create multiple joomla installations, but given the core hacks and the extensions limitations - a slave can only have the exact same extensions as the master - it is not usable for my needs.

But if you don't mind core hacks and can live with slave sites that can only have extensions replicated from the master, then this will do the trick. The installation is well documented and went without any problems.

I rated it as "average" because it does what it says it will do, I should have spent more time researching. I would have rated it higher if the advertising had been more upfront about it being core hacks.