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bytpettis, April 3, 2008
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It's not often that you find both quality work and quality customer service at the same time, but that's wht you get with this. The component itself does just what it claims to do, and does it very, very well. And the guys at DTH are over the top when it comes to pleasing their customers. Couldn't recommend this one more.
bytpettis, April 3, 2008
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As somoeone who works in Joomla on a daily basis and who handles multiple components there are two things I appreciate -- components that work as advertised and developers who respond when there are problems. You get both with this one. It does just what it is supposed to do -- take reservations for events and store the records for export later. The ability to set custom fields and capture all kinds of information makes this a killer app, IMHO. And when I had a couple of minor problems, the guys at DTH were very responsive in helping me get them ironed out. Couldn't ask for better customer service. I'd recommend this to anyone.