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bytphilis, November 16, 2013
This is a very powerful software and the modes (quick, easy and classic) make if flexible to fit a wide variety of projects. The kicker is the fantastic support. They will help you through any problem you have as long as you do you part and thoroughly research the problem prior to posting on the forums.
bytphilis, August 5, 2013
Awo Email Login
Users don't need to use their username with this plugin to login. If they forget their password however, they still do need to use their username to enter the verification code in the forgot password process. So it doesn't allow you to use email as username everywhere you need to.
bytphilis, September 7, 2012
HOT Image Slider
Looks like it works as described, but problems I had that kept me from using it:
1) Didn't want a text description and couldn't get rid of the black bar on top.
2) The way the slides reverse is unusual and unnecessary. My clients will ask why does it do that and can you make it stop.
bytphilis, February 18, 2011
I've used Virtuemart on a few sites, but no more. It would be good for small operations, like non-profits, however the PayPal payment module has a major error in that if a customer abandons the process after they visit paypal, the order processes as if they had paid. There is a patch written by an individual developer, but in my experience it only works in development. Once you think you are good, and try to go live, it fails.

The reason why Virtuemart is not appropriate for actual businesses, is that it requires the user to enter personal information before they can see the price with shipping and tax. This will lead to a high cart abandonment rate, because chances are the competition doesn't require this, and you will lose the order to them. Check the forums and the problem is often mentioned, except by the developers.