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bytpiper, February 9, 2008
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As almost all of my events will be repeating events, I need a calendar that will provide a lot of flexibility for repeating events. This looks like it does that with a couple of exceptions.

When scheduling an event the repeating part only lets you specify repeating events if you have the start and end dates of the event span multi-day.

This results in the events showing up in the caledar as multi-day events even though they are only an hour long.

It also doesn't provide for true multi-day events that repeat (e.g. a 3 day event that happens every month.
It is trying to provide repeating capability with too little controls.

It should have controls for how long the event is and separate controls for how often the event repeats and for how long the repetition occurs (# of repeats or start and end dates for repeats).
Owner's reply

JEvents 1.5 enables you to do all this and more.