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bytqrowgy, February 20, 2013
Ji Custom Fields
Thanks for your sharing..
A lot of CCK fields for Joomla out there, but really this one is different and more easier..Keep the good work please.
bytqrowgy, July 5, 2012
TZ Portfolio
Today i came across your website...
and really amazed that there is such new brand, templates and applications for CMS..

Let me say this from my deep heart..
Your comparing to most available club templates are better and your application are more user-friendly, enhanced and nicer..

I am amazed with your TZ-Portfolio..
TZ-Portfolio has it all and even will have more as i read your updating change-log every time.
I like your website and read ever details in it, forum, wiki... etc.

Please, please, please.. keep the good work ever... and improve it more and more.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Keep follow TZ Portfolio in our forum.
Your ideas will help this extension more powerful.

bytqrowgy, June 1, 2012
Thanks for sharing such brilliant idea..
I love it.. Think it is so handy and will be in many different uses..
Please, keep the good work on.
bytqrowgy, May 10, 2012
Sexy... Clean..
I love it..
Please keep the good work.. Please.
bytqrowgy, February 17, 2012
DM Maps for K2
great idea..
brilliant extension
wonderful support.
keep the good work please.
bytqrowgy, December 25, 2011
n3t Coming Soon
Thanks for sharing this Ext.
Handy, simple, clean, flexibly and easy to use... I love it
Keep the good work please.
bytqrowgy, July 30, 2011
Spider Menu
WOW.. What to say.
Portfolio, business, gallery, directory, ...etc.
Any kind of website design that catch eyes and produce comfort and ease of navigation, can be done with this menu. The animation, the response, and the overall design, make it my 1st choice when developing cutting edge websites..
Users & clients really seek interactivity the of i Pad and modern means of technology..
I recommend this menu for all creatives...
Best JPlan there ever.
Most easier, cleaner, straightforward.. & Professional..I like the way, the idea, the system for this Extension..
**Hope one thing to do... Securing Things like Video, audio, Images.. from theft and illegal copy/downloads..
Thanks for such great Extension... Please keep the good work.
bytqrowgy, July 10, 2011
Brilliant idea, nice work..
Keep the good work please..
||suggestion: how a bout adding features to include/bridge external pages?
Thank you.
bytqrowgy, July 3, 2011
Blueshine Imagemenu
Thank you..
Love your extension...
Keep the good work please..
bytqrowgy, April 7, 2011
Virtual Component
Thanks for this Brilliant work..
I really hate those bridge and heavy time of customizations.. with your extension, am able to import other solutions and integrated very easy, thanks to your easy to use system.. Now with just little coding i can integrate my WHMCS, my VB-Forums and much more...
Keep this good work please.
bytqrowgy, November 18, 2010
Tabber Pro for K2
clean, simple, professional..
thanks for the great work..
Will you please add options for:
1- selecting which category handle K2 tabber Pro.
2- Adding K2 plug-ins as K2mart, K2store.
3- option to let tabs appear also on sides (right/left) with animations..
That will maximize the magic of K2tabber pro.
Thanks for the good project... keep it on please.
Owner's reply

Hi Tqrowgy,

we are taking note of many suggestions of users.
In the future versions we should add many fetures.

Really thanks so much for your advice, they are really useful for us.


bytqrowgy, July 1, 2010
DB Replacer
This is very Handy and helpful little tool.
As usual, give us magic ideas and ways to administrate, manage our Joomla admins and front-end website. I really appreciated. Keep the cool work. You are a master.
bytqrowgy, May 15, 2010
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User Extended Fields for K2
A little very nice plug-in for K2.
In fact, it turns Joomla with K2 into huge profile/community system...
It also used for websites with catalogs or properties like B2B classified and Autos/Real estates...etc.
It opens doors and doors for new ideas and new uses of the great K2 Extension.. Congratulations
Hope to see more and more like this plug-in soon.
bytqrowgy, May 3, 2010
custom fields
This is the most easy to use and well implemented feature ever seen. I hope you have a look at this ( CCK extra sub-categories to check if your idea suite it. I guess you will make a new revolutions in the joomla CCK world.
Thanks for sharing your ideas and your Extensions.
bytqrowgy, April 18, 2010
Always Search Engines for such Great CCk-shopping cart system is needed. My concerns and hope to see it handled as a search Criteria for Autos websites.
Sure they will do it.
bytqrowgy, April 18, 2010
This is CCK-shop, not just a shoping cart, and that what is make it So Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.... Keep the good work
bytqrowgy, April 5, 2010
Store for K2
Super Fantastic..
Just hope if a module that show shopping-cart contents for visitors/users always appear left/top/right.
bytqrowgy, March 11, 2010
Encrypt configuration
WOW, this is really Cool and handy..
Keep the good work.
bytqrowgy, March 10, 2010
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One of the best ever Joomla Membership:
1- So easy to administrate.
2- Very Handy and Beautifully designed.
3- Clean Code and Fast.
4- Well Planned to include many top-needed features.
5- Expandable and flexible memberships.
6- Can be configured with almost any Joomla Core and 3rd party.
7- Full of options.
8- Easy Admin Mode.
What else you need, let me know.
Many Thanks RSjoomla Team.
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