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bytraffic1326, April 8, 2012
Phoca Gallery
I`ve had Phoca on a few sites (j1,5) and now I was trying to Upload it to J2.5
But what I did , which way I try.... it failed. I have followed Jans lessons , but sorry

when it works it works fine
Owner's reply

Hi, as wrote many times, if this:

a) is fake review - no comments from my side

b) review was meant seriously - then please, reviewed should be features, not that something is not working (if it evidently is working - on demo sites, users sites, etc.). If you get some problem on your server with extensions, please, just visit Phoca Forum - to solve the problems.

Usually, if my old car gets broken, I am going to visit service (include, I will take the car and describe all problems I have) - mostly the problem is solved quickly. I think, that making review on some website about my old car will not help me and see no logic in such behaviour ... so I am really sorry and I really apologize a lot, but I don't understand this review and logic of this review and cannot answer it normally or help somehow :-( :-(

Thank you for understanding.


bytraffic1326, October 5, 2011
Call me back
This is a great module.
I was ages looking for such a module, and now there is it!

Pity....... just ffor J1.7, not for J1.5 :(

I hope that you will develope it for J 1.5 too
Owner's reply

The module is now Joomla 1.5 compatible