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bytrantelo, October 10, 2014
I've tried a few other plugins but they most had display problems in mobiles and tablets. So, i just though to let other users know that this seems to be responsive. Hats off to the developers!
bytrantelo, September 15, 2014
Aixeena Custom Favicon
I had my new favicon up and running in less than a minute.
Thank you!
bytrantelo, September 6, 2014
I cannot really understand why there are so many negative reports and ratings for this extension..
First of all, it is free (does not even insert a backlink)
Second, it has a great design
Third, it synchronizes with google calendar, and this is a function only some paid extensions offer.
Fourth, it is rare. Not many extensions offer this mini calendar layout, with this style. Most extension offer the old and boring monthly/weekly calendar layout.
So, i ignored the bad reviews and installed it in my latest J3.3 without any problem, and it worked just fine.
It's true it needs a bit more work to be done, but this is not a reason to give bad ratings to an extensions that can be developed to a nice and useful tool.
Especially when they offer it for free.
bytrantelo, August 7, 2014
Giant Content
Easy to install and configure works smoothly and effectively, offering many options to chose from. A big thanks to the developers for making this free.
bytrantelo, June 10, 2014
YRPrice Calculator
I was mainly attracted by the modern design of this extension, so i decided to take a deeper look at it.

It is very pleasant that the demo version in the developer's website is fully functional -for both Front and Back end- so the visitor is able to understand completely what it does.

One of the advantages -and the function i was looking for- is that this online Ordering calculator stores the ordering records, so user is able to view orders history in the Front-end.

I believe it's price is very logical, and with the latest addition, developer integrated a Membership Registration function in this extension, so you really buy two extensions in the price of one.

Installation was smooth, Back-end interface is simple and clear for everyone to understand, so i didn't even had to search for documentation.

After the installation, i had an issue with a disappeared field in the Back-end, which was solved by the developer almost immediately.

A few suggestions for the developer:

1. A "Duplicate" function to create multiple items fast is missing.

2. Possibility for Calculator items to load images from a folder on the server, not only upload them from Computer.

However, these don't affect my 5-star rating for this extension, and i remain 100% content!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and recommendation.

bytrantelo, June 6, 2014
Easy Profile
All i wanted is to add an image and a few extra fields in the registration process of my website. I searched a lot in JED and found enough solutions, but most of them too complicated, tricky and full of extra features i didn't really want.

This wonderful extension offered exactly what i need! Installed fast, integrated well with my Joomla 3.3 and had no conflicts with my template.

Documentation is a little poor, and balloon tips in Back-end are worst.. but there is an active forum and those people seem to be very helpful -although i didn't post anything i saw fast replies there.

The package installs three plugins. Don't forget to enable these plugins after your first installation, otherwise you will be wondering - like me- why it's not working..
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your vote! you are right with regard to the documentation, we are sorry and surely will improve, indeed thanks for the suggestion. The plugins should be activated after installation, we will investigate this issue. Thanks again.

bytrantelo, March 14, 2014
Beautiful CK
I've been trying few other CK extensions which i liked, so i decided to give this one a try. I'm impressed from this extension!

Works great, has many functions and gives alot of styling options for customising modules appearence. It's obvious that the developers put alot of work and efforts for this module, the least i can do is saying a big thanks for offering us this great module!
bytrantelo, March 11, 2014
I've spent the last three weeks testing all the popular e-commerce extensions in JED, trying to figure out which one is more suitable.

Eshop has grown fast and impressively, considering it's one of the newest e-commerce joomla extensions, therefore i decided to give it a try.

However, after testing this extension i realised that it still needs some important additions and improvements.
I believe this cart has a strong potential to reach the top, but at the moment is still immature. Here are the Pros and Cons i found:

1. Eshop provided a smooth installation experience and integrated well in my bootstrap framework template.
2. Front-end has a clean, good looking interface, and both built-in viewing functions (Zoom image and list-grid view) are very useful.
3. Understandable and easy to manage back-end especially for new administrators who want to avoid complicated settings and overrides.
4. SEO friendly, althought i still didn't check it with the online seo tools but it has all the functions including metadata and integrated social web solution.
5. Has a very understandable and flexible taxation system, able to apply even multiple taxes to a product and even divide it to several customer types (groups)
6. All the basic functions are included in the main extension package (coupons, vouchers, wishlist, comparison, reviews, currencies etc) for which in many other similar extensions you have to pay. Moreover, with other extensions you might have to install several additional plugins, and i guess some people (like me) hate to fill up their back-end with hundrends of plugins..
7. The affordable price of the extension package.

1. Creation custom fields is not possible
2. Product copy function doesn't exist in order to help creation of similar products easily. So when you have a range of products with similar options and attributes, you have to create them over and over again, all manualy. Same about the attributes and options, no copy function.
3. Options and different product's attributes are not syncronized with the stock. Having one product with different varieties cannot be posted as a single record since there is currently no possibility to display it's availability for each variety through the shopping process, but only during checkout. This is the main reason i will probably not use Eshop although i purchased it, since i have alot of products varieties but each one with different stock availability.
4. Documentation is ok but could be more detailed since it only provides basic explanations. I didn't use the support tickets, so i cant really speak about developer's support, but i posted a few forum topics and i have to say it's not very helpful. Developer is polite and willing to help, but sometimes his reply is more or less simply "that's they way it is". However i think that's fair enough since the extension already offers many features for its price.
5. Some back-end features are tiring to input, such as the "similar products" for which you have to select them one by one from a drop down list, or the "options / attributes" which you have to manualy type in text fields each time you create a new product. No feature for product's attributes to be automatically applied to a selected category or group of products.
6. There is currently no solution for applying batch discounts or price increases according to the products categories or customer groups. There is a customer's groups creation feature which simplifies things, but still you have to manualy input everything one by one to all products.
7. Suppliers and Product categories in Eshop only exist for hosting the products and for menus structure, although they generally need to be associated with more options, taxes, discounts etc. If for example one of the shop's suppliers inceases his prices on a later time, there should be the possibility to automatically apply this % to all the related products associated with this supplier.
8. It provides a basic ability to display different prices according to the quantity of products purchased (e.g $5 for ordering one piece and $4 for ordering at least 5 pieces), but this function doesn't work when the displayed product has different priced options to choose from, because it is not dynamically updated according to the option selection.

In general, this extension didn't meet my expectations.
Owner's reply

Dear Trantelo,

First of all, thank you so much for giving the CAREFUL reviews for our EShop extension. We are almost agree with what you said. However, we need to make something to be more cleared, first for you, then for all of other customers of EShop.

The things that you listed are just a small part of EShop's power. If you spend more time to use it on some of your site, you will see.

Almost the things that you said here are correct. Actually, some of them are added in the latest version of EShop, other things are in TO-DO list and we have been working to add them to next version of EShop. Following are details:

1. EShop don't use Custom Fields term, we use Options and Attributes. So you can add un-limitd Options/Attributes for products.

2. COPY function is ready since version 1.2.5. All elements in EShop (categories, products, manufacturers, options, attributes, coupon, voucher, tax, tax class, geozone, zone, etc) can be copied now.

3. Each option value has their own quantity and price. I think you didn't test this feature carefully. We have managed stock (quantiy) for each option per product. They will be updated once order is placed. Please test again if you would like.

4. The documentation for EShop is rather clear and easy to understand. We also give the best supports via Forum, Ticket System, Email and direct chat. If you would like to contact me directly, please try and I will reply you immediately.

5. We are working to improve this now. So when editing a product, you will be able to choose what other products to have same Options, Attributes and other data. It will be ready very soon.

6. Same as item 5.

7 & 8. You didn't test the discount feature carefully. Please test again.

Also, EShop has EShop CSV Advanced extension to allow you import data from CSV file into EShop easily.


bytrantelo, December 10, 2013
NoNumber Extension Manager
Once again, Peter saved my life with his amazing work. I had a typing error in more than 120 articles and this wonderful extension fixed it in less than 3 minutes.
Thanks Peter!
bytrantelo, October 21, 2012
This is an excellent extension, no doubts about this. I've been using "Digistyle" plugin in the past for Joomla 1.5, but they stoped developing for newer versions. This is quite similar for Joomla 2.5 it's better, light and works great.

What i wish to mention in this review, is that i spent the last 2 days checking most of Joomlack extensions (i started with Kwickmenu), just because i din't know these guys and i was curious.

I don't know if i'm allowed to comment the developer in such a review, but even if these guys are called "JoomLack", they don't have Lack of skills, and they realy worth to be supported to continue what they do. Not only because they offer their extensions for free, but also because they are extremely promising.
bytrantelo, October 21, 2012
Priceleaf pro
I've been trying to find something like this, and it was realy not easy. This extension works, does exactly what it says and has some more cool additional fuctions (such as extra description, tabbed styling, discounts, etc).

More helpfull enviroment would be appreciated to the user for modifying the appearence since it's not easy, but the extension is free.

Since the native developer's language is Russian, i believe we should help these guys to translate in other laguages, because this extension worths it, and it will become more useful and popular.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the tip! It would be nice to translate the component into other languages! Send language packs if there vozomzhnost.

bytrantelo, April 26, 2012
Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro
This is a very good looking tool for displaying youtube videos on a website. I especialy liked the video popup function. Easy to install and manage it.

According to my needs, it lacks two important functions:

1. The ability to popup a youtube video wich will be displayed just as a link.

2. The possibility to customise the displayed video titles, which is something important if you want to give more specific information to your visitors, or use another language.
bytrantelo, January 16, 2012
This extension is by far the best of all other form creation extensions i have tried. I spent 3 months trying different form extensions, and i realy tried alot of them. Pity i didn't start with Breezing Forms from the beginning.. I wouldn't need to search any further.
bytrantelo, December 13, 2011
Simple and works.Thank you!
bytrantelo, November 16, 2011
Flyout Tabs
Although i still didn't manage to ge this thing to work, i can see it's an excelent plugin and worths to be voted like this.

I use a module for loading different css according to menu items, and i guess this causes the conflict. Sometimes works, sometimes not. Still working on it..
bytrantelo, August 24, 2011
I tried all extensions created by NoNumber, and they are all excellent. This developer realy worths donating to keep him up with his great work.
bytrantelo, May 29, 2009
Engines couldn't find my website, but thanks to this component this problem is now solved. Even the Beta worked fast and made the job easy. Thank you!
bytrantelo, May 4, 2009
A brilliant and usefull extension, works smooth and makes the job very easy, especialy for those who dont want (or dont know how) to use the hosting panel each time they want to see statistics. Thank you!
bytrantelo, May 3, 2009
Tabs & Sliders
Fast, clean and stable. Great work guys, thank you!