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bytrauncher, March 3, 2014
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
This is an incredibly versatile, and configurable extension. It is now in my "Must have" joomla extensions. The documentation is first rate, the support is fantastic, and the component itself is just excellent.
bytrauncher, July 19, 2013
Admin Tools
I resist paying for extensions mainly because I'm just cheap... but this one has saved my bacon multiple times.

i was a little nervous to use the htaccess stuff, but tried it anyway, and it works perfectly.

I don't normally write reviews, but this extension is just too good to ignore. In fact, this entire functionality should be written right into the joomla core.

I liked this so much, I bought the backup extension as well, and I'm just as happy with that, and for the record, I'm not easy to please.

Do yourself a favor, Just buy this and the backup extension, and the vast majority of your headaches with your joomla sites will evaporate.
bytrauncher, September 17, 2010
There. I said it. basically, EVERY forum for joomla is a regurgitated PHPBB. this extension is so far beyond that its difficult to describe here. As for the dingbat who gave this 3 stars, are you insane? In its beta state, it destroys every other forum extension.

First and foremost, it BLENDS WITH YOUR SITE's CSS.. Why did it take so long to do this??? Why do all other forums have to look like some lame PHPBB rehash? Why did it take 30 years to figure out that wheels on suitcases were a good idea? Who knows...

Install this extension, and in a few minutes, you'll have the best looking and working forum anywhere. (Of course, if your site already looks like crap, well. YOu NEED TO FIX THAT) if you use a yootheme template (and why on earth are you NOT? Have you SEEN them? Seriously?) it just beautifully morphs into the perfect match for your site without lifting a finger.

Do yourself a favor, if you need a forum, get this one, then smile... alot...

Somebody give the guy who gave this 3 stars a pair of glasses. The install is perfect, simple, and makes all the sense in the world. and Mysqli is TOTALLY SUPERIOR to Mysql.. get over it. evolve. retract your inaccurate rating so this extension has the 5 stars it deserves.

enough said. Thanks ninjaboard dudes... FANTASTIC job. Can't wait to see future versions.