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bytrent_robertson, June 3, 2012
PredWeb JPhotoEditor
I downloaded this extension with average expectations - hoping that it was at least good enough to do the job of resizing images. And man-oh-man those expectations were shattered. I've created Joomla sites for a few years and have seen a lot of extensions, templates, etc - and this one is absolutely excellent. On the slightly negative side, I have to say that the developer's website could be a bit easier to navigate (only for Americans?), the tutorials need work (a video would be great), and a few other things. It took a while to understand how to get to the app (after installation) from the front end (you have to link to it via a menu item). But be patient because these are quibbles worth dealing with, because the image editor rocks! And it cost $0 and has no restrictions as to implementation. (By the way, it is worth purchasing, say $10 to $20, easy!) Thank you! Trent