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bytreybraid, November 24, 2010
in my case i've got a splash page with 2 links at the bottom- one going directly to the actual website and the other going to my ticket page... of course neither works - they keep looping you to the splash page... wish there was a way for this feature to be active... great module though...

Owner's reply

you'll need to use javascript to create your links because this is an iframe and href targets are deprecated.

...href="#" onclick="window.parent.location='/path/to/dest.html'"...

bytreybraid, September 3, 2010
Pretty good module except you are unable to really place the module on your page... the issue is module will float around the screen when viewed on different resolution monitors...

Hopefully the developer will look to incorporate this feature in future release's...
Owner's reply

This module was built to be a popup with a distance from the top of the page, not the bottom. However, as your postings in my forum indicate that you may have limited CSS knowledge, I went out of my way and made the popper module do as you wanted and had posted that in my forum......after you had made this comment due to possible frustration for not having the 'know how' to do it yourself...which was a minute tweak. Then you had appreciated that I offered free the solution for free. I had to post this reply since it was misleading and it was an interpretation for a time sequence....not the entire help session.

bytreybraid, August 11, 2009
It's got great potential; but, the component needs quite a bit of tweaking to be used on american sports such as football, baseball etc...

For soccer and rugby it is great...

bytreybraid, June 26, 2009
Hey guy's nice component... I actually went in the backend and added a 4th field to pull in another feed... finally a horizontal RSS feed... anyway we can get an update; so, the module can be styled... ie- font color...background...