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bytreyzinbox, July 30, 2012
I'm giving Zoo a test drive. It is very powerful and easy to use for the most part with an easier learning curve compared to other CCKs available for Joomla.

The only real drawback I've encountered so far is in relation to how the Google Maps element for ZOO geocodes. Here, it provides just one single address field called "location" that it geocodes and puts on a google map. Problem is that if a user wants to have separate fields (to make sorting, filtering, and ordering easier based on Country, City, Postal Code, etc... or to be able to present the info on screen in separate rows) for different parts of an address (or even using the Business Directory app that is included in the apps Yootheme offers for sale), users would still have to input the entire address again in a single line in the Google Maps element Location field for the content type in question to be able to geocode it.

What would be nice to see in a future release of Zoo is the ability to add the Google Maps element to a content type and designate which other existing field/element or group of fields/elements of that same content type to geocode for the Google Map without having to duplicate information.