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Buyer beware - while the description makes many claims what is not made clear is that you have to purchase many additional add-ons to do all these things it claims to do. It's somewhat misleading because they talk about what is "built-in" and what are "extras" - I should've guessed the extras cost extra but when I read "…this grabber Joomla extension can: - Grab youtube videos and store into K2 or Seyret…" I just assumed that buy purchasing the extension I would be able to do those things.

But you can't. You have to purchase a youtube engine, a text engine, and an email - all separately for 10 Euros. Then you have to purchase a K2 adapter - 20 euros, a Kunena adapter 10 Euros, a virtuemart adapter 20 euros. And lastly, you youtube processor - in addition to the yourube engine you already purchased - for 10Euros, text spinner 15 Euros, Meta data processor 10 Euros - you get the picture - to do everything that is listed in the description of this extension costs 150. Euros.

Also, I sent two pre-sales requests asking questions and waited 6 days with no response. Today I finally just purchased the extension - and then discovered that most of the things I wanted cost extra.

There is also a problem with displaying your "pipes" after they are created. In their knowledgebase it states it is a known problem and you have to upgrade your php to 5.3 or above - but I'm running 5.3.17.

I'm still waiting for an answer to that - but it's only been about 10 hours.

All that said, I think the extension works and does what it claims - but it certainly isn't cheap :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your details review at pricing table, everyone can read it at

We addressed them all out there clearly, just take a few minutes to read them all before choosing your plan.

Anyway, we don't do cheap Joomla extension, we do helpful Joomla extension to solve problems by time-saving solution.

bytrident50, May 26, 2013
I've tried every free and commercial RSS import tool for Joomla and while some are good, none compare to Article Generator. It is highly configurable, works great with Yahoo pipes if you want to aggregate multiple feeds into a single url (while some other worked with Yahoo pipes they were unable to give proper attribution - but Article Generator does!), and pulls in enough data, if you decide not publish "full-text", that it helps tremendously with SEO.

I had a very strange issue with an SEO extension that, for some reason, didn't show itself until I was using Article Generator. The support provivded by Matthias was excellent. Answering emails over the weekend until finally logging into my site and fixing the problem - even though it had nothing to do with extension!

This extension is highly recommended to everyone who is using RSS feeds to populate their site!!!
bytrident50, May 10, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
I'm pretty sure I've tried ever tool out there that pulls feeds in - and this tool, by far, does everything I need it to do. Easy to use right out of the box. No problems at all! This is the first Joomla extension I can say that about.

Now - if you could keep all this functionality and be able to create articles/excertps from the feeds that would be fantastic! Only because it would give you greater control - being able to handle the feed pulls as articles.....and it would speed up your site as you wouldn't have to rely on the feeds being pulled down each time a page was refreshed. But, that is not the problem of this tool - just the way it is when pulling feeds.

Highly Recommend!!!