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bytrip, July 15, 2014
At our first meeting at JandBeyond in 2012, we were introduced to SEBLOD. Thank you for that.

The CCK with the most powerful options you can imagine.

This has helped us take a new view on how projects can be worked on, making almost every project we do achievable.

For those who are struggling, take the time to learn the system, it will be worth the effort.

Thanks to Sebastien and his team.
bytrip, December 15, 2013
Google Maps by Reumer
Great to work with a plugin which has loads of documentation, examples, and is clear and straight forward...

Thanks for the quick email support.
bytrip, January 21, 2013
CUpdater is a great plugin and everyone should use this. If you are worried about Joomla! updates, this will keep you updated when new versions are out. Also a great way of getting notified about all your projects.

If all extensions use use the update xml then CUpdater will also notify you when these need updating.

Great tool.
bytrip, February 8, 2011
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Server Status
This is a great module, works out of the box..
Would be great to see more options to include more servers, rather than having to duplicate the module.