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bytrisha, July 2, 2011
easy to set up and works very well. love it.
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
this is probaly one of the most used aspects on our site, it gives our members a way to reach out to others with more than just a message, you can send them a gift as well, it also gives them somethng to spend their karma points on. I love the company behind it, it sems they are always adding new and original stuff, they are great to work with if you ever need help, they literally came to our site and setup all their stuff, as well as helped with some other stuff from other developers seriously who does that? any way we love them and all their stuff they areone of our faorite companies, right up there with akeeba and joomlaxi.
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
XIPT for JomSocial
This is the original and best multi-profile addon for Jomsocial, it really bothered me when jomsocial tried to build multi profiles into the core, Jomsocials version suck, this one is the best and the company behind them is one of my favorites too, right up there with akeeba. They always respond and are super fast to cater to your every need.A++
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
Admin Tools
I absolutely love this product, it is one of my favorites along with all akkeba products, their stuff is an absolute must have for all joomla sites, the developer is one of my faves too, right up there with JoomlaXI, andrew eddie and socialables. A++
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
This one stands out as a very unique product, I'm amazed at what all it can do, have you ever wondered how some websites seem to know where you are and deliver local content right to you, this does that, it automatically locates members (asking them if its ok to share their location, first of course) and then shows local members, local content and location specific text like "see members in California" it's really quite spectacular. The company behind it is one of my favorites, right up there with akeeba and joomlaxi.
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
this is my favorite subscription system so far, you get more than your $$ worth. its easy to setup, easy to configure and very powerful and very professional. i recommend this to anyone needing a super subscription system
bytrisha, July 2, 2011
Akeeba Backup
it amazes me how good all akeeba products are, it makes me wonder why they dont charge for them, how is it they can give so much away for free, the quality of these products are definately worthy of paying for but even better because they are free.