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bytrishah, November 6, 2011
Once I got this installed and configured it is an excellent slider. Much more then the usual non-commercial extensions I've used. I would have given it 4.5 stars if I could, only because there are quite a few steps to follow to get it to work. And they didn't specifically say you needed to install their language mod, it's just assumed in the instructions.

The steps are all laid out in the installation directions but it's longer than most. So, if you rush through it (like I did the first time) you can miss some important step and have to hunt to find your mistake.
bytrishah, August 3, 2009
RSS Browser
Bad news first: It took a bit of a learning curve to get the modules (10 in my case) set up with my menus so that I could have 10 separate pages of feeds each with a different set of feeds on a particular topic.

Good news: There is a video tutorial on the basics of how to set the modules up (you need a new modules for each set of feeds). This along with your basic knowledge of how to create an article (to assign each mod to) and link the article to your menus, and you are off and running!

My big problem was the browser window was larger than my viewable screen size and I couldn't figure it out. So I put in a message on their support form and an admin gave me the answer in LESS THAN 2 HOURS! (FYI: It's on the bottom of the module Parameters section - duh to me!)

And your users never leave your site!

I'm Totally sold on this module.
bytrishah, August 2, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Worked the first time. Once I realized that I needed to make a new category under one of my existing sections (or you can create a new section and category) then the rest was as simple as writing articles.

So first you create a category. Then you add a link to one of your menus like normal, choose MooFAQ, then the type of FAQ you want to create, name it and choose the category you want the FAQ under.

Then just create a new article for each of your Question/Answer pairs. The title of the article becomes the Question, the body of the article becomes the Answer. No author, mod date, creation date, etc. are added even if they are your default.

I've set up these type of FAQs before on websites using DynamicDrive's codes but took a lot a tweaking to get the size of the open pane the correct length. But with MooFAQ this is handled automatically. I really really like that!

Modifying the css is staight-forward. All-in-all I like it!