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bytrogladyte, May 9, 2010
OK I'm cheap! I downloaded the free version which, I'm sure, is lacking some great features. But it's also given me a good opportunity to evaluate the extension. It rocks!

I tried the Easy mode and it sure was - though without a lot of control (obviously!). The next level was still simple but with more control over the form. The expert (I think it was called) mode - the most flexible - is still a breeze to use. But, for me, the biggest plus was the pixel perfect ability to specify field/text locations. So many form makers limit you to one field per line. This is how it is in easy, but in expert you can have as many per line as your site will allow width wise.

Easy to use, yet flexible and powerful - a great extension!
bytrogladyte, May 8, 2010
So simple - just like an extension should be! Easy set up with a good range of parameters easily able to be changed.

Would like the option (if possible) to locate the video left, right or center of the article it's in. The normal text formatting options in articles don't seem to work.
bytrogladyte, May 7, 2010
Multi Image Holder
I needed to make an image menu. I checked out some image menu specific extensions but none did the business. For a very minimal cost, I got Omar's extension and it worked like a dream. It has the ability to specify opacity on your images to get a mouseover effect, which is very cool.

And the support! Wow!! Emails are answered extremely quickly and he is always helpful and open to suggestions.

Just one thing to be aware of - not a fault of the extension though - your syntax must be perfect. I know that sounds logical, but here's the deal. I had a file called APARTMENTS.png. Having the file path showing APARTMENTS.PNG doesn't work. Took me ages to figure that out.

But the extension deserves at least 5 stars!!! Great work!
JE Drop Line
I wrote to this company as they had a menu similar to what I wanted, and asked them if they could duplicate the menu on a sample site I gave them. They said they could, quoting me $30. Then, when I didn't reply immediately, I got a couple of emails asking, "Why didn't you reply?", "When can we start?". The third email said they'd done it and I could have it for $20. I figured that wasn't a bad price for what I needed to do so bought it.

I installed it in the template and it failed woefully. The menu ran over the top of elements below it (breadcrumbs and a module), some options didn't change anything regardless of the settings, and there was no way to change the font in the module.

I wrote quite along email back to the developers telling them what I had experienced and some suggestions for improving usability. I heard nothing and sent a second email to which they replied they had emailed me asking for the URL. I never received this email. Because the site I wanted it on was live for client viewing I installed it on a test site that was live and it developed another problem - the sub menu refused to hide and was off to the right and well down from the main menu line. I sent them this URL and they said it was my template " many place "position: relative;" This is not proper css." I'm a real newbie in CSS, but I thought relative positioning was "proper CSS". The reference book I have certainly says it is.

I wrote back and asked for a refund as I do all my templates in Artisteer, so it seems the product would be useless. They replied that they don't give refunds, but they would change my template.css if I sent them the file. I declined.

Bottom line: If you use Artisteer, or lots of relative positioning, this will be a failure. I could not recommend this product.
Owner's reply

We already help you regarding that matter. But you are not responding in that matter because you are not sending me your website detail other wise we change your template css.

If you give the Div id and make it css for that div id than we must require to change there css.

My module is working fine in more than 100 website. Check it my demo. Really very surprise about that review. We are helping you and you are add bad review here. We already send you mail check it about that.

Show my module in my demo. Its working there. Means my module is working fine.

bytrogladyte, December 17, 2009
Akeeba Backup
It sat "backing up" for over 2 hours before I gave up and canceled it by browsing back.

I could have done dozens of sites manually in that time.
bytrogladyte, December 6, 2009
Simple Image Holder
Nice and easy. took me a few minutes to realise that I had to enter a relative link not an absolute one for it to work. For ease of use, is it possible to add a "Browse" to the image selection process? Would make it much simpler than have to input manually. Keep up the excellent work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review :)

unfortunately, it is not possible for a module to have a browse button, but its still fairly easy to hold any image/flash you want..

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