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bytrouble706, May 20, 2010
Recently, I used this component for the first time. A former client contacted me and said they had someone to install the component and couldn't get it to work properly. I wasn't familiar with it, so off to the forums I go..
All I can say is my hat is off to the developer. Once I viewed just a few of his posts in the forum, many or which are there, not in response to issues, but instead to give information to avoid those issues; I felt completely comfortable in configuring my client's application to do just what she needed it to do.
Many thanks to the developer not just for an excellent component but more so for the effort that you have put forth in your forum to help people in doing what they need to do with this valuable component.
bytrouble706, May 26, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
This plug in is exactly what I needed. Many thanks to the developer. I will be donating to the coffee fund for this one!
bytrouble706, February 9, 2009
This is an excellent extension. It is well documented and easy to use. I have used it on my last 3 sites and all my clients are happy with it.
Not a complaint, but a wish list for this extension is for Captcha.

Thanks to the developer. You done an excellent job on this one.
bytrouble706, January 4, 2009
Thanks to the developer for a very nice component that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
bytrouble706, November 20, 2008
The developer states that the forum should not be used in production as it is still beta.....If that is the case, I can't wait to see what he releases as stable! It will probably do my grocery shopping for me.
This forum is absolutely exactly what I needed. It is so simple to configure.
When I get paid on this project, I will not be donating to the pizza fund on this one......I will be donating to the Filet Mignon fund. That is what this extension does for this particular site that I am developing. It transforms it from my mediocre efforts into a work of art. Many thanks.
bytrouble706, November 16, 2008
Phoca Gallery
I am fairly new to Joomla but am very interested in its capabilities. I downloaded this module jsut to check it out. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
It does an excellent job and there are many options ot configure it to a particular site.
Definitely recommended.
bytrouble706, November 14, 2008
It's a shame this module is hid on the last page of this category. I installed it for someone just a few days ago and it works perfectly. I could not have asked for it to be any better than it is. It installs simple and is an all around good module.
Many thanks to the developers. I installed this one as a favor. Next time, I will be donating to the "Pizza Fund".